Can you afford not to use
Dri-Klean Carpet services?

Clean carpet and textiles last longer, improve employee satisfaction and impress your customers. Dri-Klean MilliCare offers total care for your space, caring for your carpet and textiles with products and a method that extend the life of your carpet and textiles, improve Indoor Air Quality, and reduce water consumption, cares for the environment and your carbon footprint.

We care about you professionally by saving you time through unparalleled project management and customized service plans for your entire space. You work healthier and live healthier, and the planet is a better place because of it.



The Dry Care Difference

You’re bombarded with choices when it comes to cleaning your buildings’ carpet and textiles. When comparing a hot water extraction method to our Dry Care technology, there is no question. Dry Care is your answer.

While we have many tools and technologies at our disposal, we believe (and we know) that our Dry Care system is the best way to keep your carpet clean and to protect your investment. Dry Care means little to no water. So you’ll save on usage costs. That’s good for your budget, and for the environment. Dry Care saves time. Time you used to spend waiting for your materials to Dry. With Dry Care, our partners work around your schedule. Any schedule. Because your carpet is ready for use as soon as we’re done.

Dry Care means no residue. If your carpet looks dirty after only a few days, look to your latest cleaning. Cleaners that leave behind sticky detergent residues actually attract soil to the carpet fibers. The quicker your carpet gets dirty, the more often it has to be cleaned. With MilliCare’s Dry Care solution, your carpet stays cleaner longer. And it improves Indoor Air Quality. When used in conjunction with an effective HVAC system, MilliCare removes up to 99% of pollutants and harmful VOCs. For you, guests, employees—the difference is noticeable. You can arrange for a Demonstration at your facility. A Dri-Klean MilliCare representative will be happy to come out and complete a carpet cleaning demonstration at your location. Please contact us and someone from our team will contact you shortly to make the arrangements.





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